Thursday, 11 February 2010


This section of the blog is about the modelling of the props and other things within the church that i have been asigned to. Before this project, i felt very uncomfortable with modelling within maya, this is one of the reasons i wanted to test myself further in the area, i felt that i would grasp this terms projects as a way to develop and expand on those areas of our course that i was very weak in, and that i had no previous experience in. I started off looking at basic modelling tutorials, and found myself quite quickly getting to grasps with the porocess of mdoelling shapes as i wanted them. The first thing i modelled in this project was the Altar. I was fairly pleased with the way it turned out, especially after worrying myself for so long about how well i would do in the modelling stage. I was also fairly pleased with the way the Lecturn and the Church Door turned out in comparison to the final designs i produced for them. I enjoyed modelling more than i thought i would. Normally i would just associate trying something new as frustrating and pointless, however within this project i found myself wanting to learn more, and trying to develop my own skills, which i actually found quite enjoyable and in a weird way theraputic. I know that not all of my modells were up to a high standard, this is probably due to the lack of time we actually had to learn, and produce the modells, but over all i was fairly pleased with the outcome of most of the props/windows/doors/graves i made, however complex or simplistic they were, i think they did the job we were looking for.

Modelling in progress.

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