Saturday, 23 January 2010


I started looking at colour, and experimenting with dark tones to get the desired outcomes i was looking for in a visual concept. Conceptual work is not my strong point, so i have decided to rely heavily on source imagery for colour work, and to produce orthographic drawings of each of my final visual ideas, and use textures to show colour studies

Here is a quick painting i did on photoshop to try to show the desired colours ill be looking for in a window. The lower is just a general colour mood i got from a church graveyard, just all visual ideas in a very early development stage which i will look back on and develop when finding my textures.

I also produced a series of short animatic block outs to show what otherwise could be shown in a storyboard, i felt this was a more visual way to describe what i wanted to the group rather than in a storyboard.

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