Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The set brief is to create a CG environment in which we can encorporate animation, and a sense of character. We as a group have chosen a challenging brief, which is to create a church from the perspective of a 'sprit', we feel this is a great way of displaying the church in a very appropriate way which also adds a relevant sense of narrative to our animation. My initial thoughts on starting this project, are that it is going to be very challenging, and a lot of work will need to be put in to ensure that we create the desired 'mood' of the scene, just right for the way in which a spirit would see it. My initial thoughts and feelings are that research is going to be pivotal to this project, and that we need to start out very early and gather as much research as possible, not only images from the net, but also visits to real life churches, and graveyards, to try to get a sense and feeling for the environment. Textures and lighting are also going to be vital to the sucess of this project, we must ensure that the lighting is demonstrated perfectly to give it a specific mood, which we will later confirm once decided upon. My initial thoughts and feelings are that we are going to be going for an 'eerie' feel to the graveyard areas of the church, and as we are planning on encorporating a more futuristic aspect, and a time warp into our animation, a polar opposite effect may be usable for example, using a clean and polished 'mood' to the futuristic church. I will keep you updated...

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