Saturday, 23 January 2010

Research- Westminster Abbey visit

This visit to westminster abbey gave me a different insight into my research. Where as prevously i have been gearing towards researching the more stylistic side of the design, for exaple looking around graveyards to get a sense of the mood and atmosphere, this visit was purely for the architectural side of my design research. Westminster abbey is in the center of a built up area of london and that is where it differs immensely from the other churches i have visited. This backs on to a busy London road, where as the churches i found in Bexley backed on to rough areas of woodland and parks, allowing for overgrowth and decay to build up within the areas in and surrounding the church. This is a strict contrast to that, in the way it is perfectly maintained, and is more geared towards tourist attraction and is most definitly not neglected. These are some of the reasons i felt it was important to only take away the archietctural side of this research visit. Despite all this, i found some good source material, which i can most definitly benefit from. the shapes of windows and doorways are particularly interesting, although they are maybe a little bit too extravegant and grand for what we are looking to produce, i still feel that they can be used as reference when modelling and designing my own.

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