Saturday, 23 January 2010

My duties within the group and group update

After talking through all the duties needed to be completed in order to get the project finished, we discussed what our individual duties would be. We decided on taking on the task of doing small aspects of one job, and larger aspects and sections of other jobs.
My duties are as follows.

- Stained glass windows and window above front door
- Door
- Altar
- Lecturn
- Graves

For each of these i recognise i will need to first do research, and from there develop concept drawings and TOP/SIDE/FRONT drawings for each. After doing this i will need to consult with our director, Depa, to ensure continuity and get the go-ahead for modelling.

I have taken responsibility alongside Guy to texture and UVmap the finished model. Guy will do the inside of the church and i will do the outside.

Me and guy will be putting everyones models together within our own respective scenes and then passing them on to be lit, animated and rendered.
Me and Steve will then be taking on the task of compositing after we have rendered our piece, we will use after effects to adjust levels within the layers, to get the perfect finished look.

We will work as a group, between the four of us to ensure we are rendering correctly and to a finished level. This is a joint duty.


I am fairly certain we have split group responsibilitys fairly. We as a group had a discussion and meeting about the importance of sharing responsibility, and we all agreed that if we were to come across any problems we definitly shouldnt be scared to ask for help from other members of our team. If later on in the project we run into any difficulty within our respective areas of duty, we will help eachother out to ensure the project gets finished in time. A group blog will be very important in ensuring the smooth running of our pipeline, so that we can all regularly keep eachother updated with problems/progress. We also all decided that we would speak on MSN if we ran into any problems when not in college, so that we wouldnt have to leave it to a later date to resolve any problems we run into. I personally think we are currently working very well as a group and the group are definitly bonding very effectivly, at this stage after sorting out research and initial deisng concepts/ideas, we all seem to be in sync with eachother and very much so 'singing off the same hymn sheet' in terms of what we want the projects final outcome to look like.

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