Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Week 1 07.01.10 Form group and decide idea

Week 2 14.01.10 Research/Story board and map

Week 3 21.01.10 Map/Storyboard/Research

Week 4 28.01.10 Modelling

Week 5 04.02.10 Modelling

Week 6 11.02.10 Modelling

Week 7 18.02.10 UV Mapping Texturing/Lighting

Week 8 25.02.10 Animating

Week 9 04.03.10 Rendering

This is a scedule drawn up by Depa, our director role within the team. We worked together to decide realistic deadlines forn our project. However due to bad weather in the first two weeks of term, our schedule has been severly messed with, and we have basically lost two weeks of time so we're already well behind on the schedule. Luckily we have come together as a group and we have been able to make up some of the lost time, by deciding upon an idea and brief relitivly fast. This had to be done to ensure we somewhat kept up with our production schedule.


The snow has basically screwed us up over the past couple of weeks so were only really getting up and running with concept work/ideas we need to play catch up.


In my opinion it looks as if we are falling behind on the schedule as we are still nowhere near finished modelling and i think weve definitly spent far too long on the concept stages of the project. We really needed to get on with modelling a couple of weeks before this and have it done by the end of the week, however now that looks unlikely. We are going to have to reschedule to make time for other things, because the way this is looking we are going to be cramping a lot of work into the last two weeks of the project, and honestly we need to save atleast a week for test renders, as the tutors have said that is when we find the most time consuming problems arise.


We've been told weve got Josh joining in with us to help us finish up some modelling and other stuff we need doing, which can only be good news, to share the responsibilites around a bit more may mean we get it done in time?


We're still UV mapping and texturing, Me and guy have had to learn this from scratch off of tutorial DVD's so its definitly taken longer than we have expected. we have a week left, and we still have a huge list of things to do, including compositing the scene together, lighting, animating and rendering, all 3 of the scenes (inside,outside,futuristic)


Were in the last week now and its monday, we are finally finished with all the texturing and UV mapping, we are not sticking the scene together to give to the respective people to start lighting. I mapped and textured the outside of the church fully to give to steve to start lighting, and hes now got that, so hopefully the lighting should be done soon... Guy is still working on finishing putting together the inside of the church ready for Josh to light up. I have also put together and textured the futuristic scene now ready for depa to start lighting and animating, At this stage the futuristic one looks like the only one getting fully finished. :S


Everything has been put together, and is now being LIT/animated by depa/steve/josh. Me and Guy are now gonna wait to get the scenes back to put it all together nicely and add final effects in after effects. We have got a hell of a lot of work done in the last two days, im really happy with the way our group has been coming together, and way we have worked together in general, especially since Josh has come into the group, i think having the extra man has helped us a LOT.

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