Thursday, 14 January 2010

Research- Bexley

This is the selection of imagery i took at a local church in Bexley which i refered to in an earlier post. i managed to get a good range of photos here, and it has really helepd me establish the layout of a church firstly, as well as things like colour pallette, which i will be exploring later on with the texturing process and design process. This church is from around the same period as what we are looking to give to our church, so i feel these images can be of good use not only to me, but of to all of the members of my group, in particular Steve who has the responsibilty of modelling the outside of the church. I definitly feel he could take something from these images, and i have told him about them and given him notice that they are on my blog for him to use as reference. At this stage in the research process its really important for us all to come together, even though we are all doing our separate research, we are going to have to all come together at some stage, and by sharing information widely between members i feel we can all benefit. The next stage in my research will be to get some images of Westminster Abbey, as i am going up to London soon and i may as well take advantage of my home city, with all it has to offer as inspiration for this project.

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