Saturday, 23 January 2010

Artist reference- 8 rooms 9 lives

When Jared first told us about the 9 lives, 8 lives exhibition in London, i was instantly interested in it, and went online to see what it was all about. It drew my attention as it sounded like something i would have wanted to go and visit outside of the project, even if we wasnt doing it. I read up on it and saw about how it was about 9 different people who had had remarkable and somewhat outstanding and differnt lives, for exaple one room was dedicated to Francis Galton the man who had researched so deeeply into fingerprint technology, and the room along was dedicated to Alec Jeffery, who 100 years later became the pioneer of DNA profiling. The exhibition was really all about Identity to put it simply. I found it more appropriate to psychology rather than animation with the way the exhibits were seen to be obsessed with physical identity and the way they were viewed by others, and media attention. I felt this exhibition would have been a lot more appropriate if we had a more developed character within our scene, so maybe that is something to think about? I can definitly see how it could be appropriate in development of a character, however, our scene is more geared towards the development of environment which i guess in some way is related, but not as specific as i would have liked. I do feel that our character development is far too basic (spirit) for this exhibition to have had any effect on our character directly.

This does not mean to say this exhibition was very interesting to me, i gained a lot from the experience, and i can definitly seeing this helping me in the future, and as i said i can see how it would be appropriate in development of character to some degree, but it just wasnt for us in terms of this project this time around...Thinking about it, maybe the Barcelona trip would have been more apropriate to our group for research, in terms of architecture and time period, it is a shame none of us went...

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