Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Putting together the scenes was the next stage after collecting everybodys models, this job fell to me and Guy, at first we had no trouble in doing this, however as it progressed we had problems with textures showing up on eachothers scene files, and we had to ensure all scenes and textures were in correct project folders and were set to the correct project. The job consisted of importing everbodys scene data into one scene and this made the master scene very laggy at times, ans we found it a little easier to put together and work with if we turned hardware shading off. We found it vital as a group to follow the floor plan designed by Steve in the first stages of design, to stick with a sense of continuity throughout the project. I found myself adding more and mroe to the outside scene as we went on. Steve had moddeled a fence and a sky and clouds which were both awesome, but due to them being a very high poly cound and very demanding in terms of rendering both had to be left out in the end otherwise Maya would just roll over and die every 10 minutes. Guy took the job of putting together the indie of the church together, where as i was putting the outside of the church together, we felt it was logical to stick witht he scenes we had previously been UV mapping and texturing however we both found eachother helping out on the opposites scene files if we were finding it hard or having problems of any sort, which was nice. I found it quite comforting that in our group if anybody had a problem, nomatter how big it was, we were able to talk to sombody and resolve it quickly and easily.

Placing the windows in the correct spots.

Lining up/scaling pews to fit in indise church.

Church before ground plane added

Church file as it was given to me to put together

Church put together lacking windows.

Aligingin the symetry of the inside church

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