Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Above is a selection of images i gained inspiration from for the colour and mood of each of my models. I went out to a local church with Guy and Steve, and we found some excellent textures which are now going to be pt to use on my concept designs.

I found texturing fun, it allowed me to go out and get photographs of the materials i wanted to work with, and apply them to something visual on a computer screen, and this i really liked the sound of. Me, Guy and Steve decided to go out and get texture samples from a nearby church, in Chizelhurst highstreet, however this was all very well for most of the textures, although the brickwork on this particular church was white stone, so i had to get my own independent textures from a church nearby to my house in Bexley after consulting my team mates, which suited the colour scheme Steve had drawn up in his concept work far better.

Below are the the applied texture outcomes to the objects i was asked to texture. The modells below are obviously not all mine, but the textures on the images are mine. For a first try, i am exteremely happy with the outcome of my texturing work, however i do feel i could have encorporated bump mapping into my teturing, to give it a added realism, howvwer i didnt manage to learn bump mapping to an extent i was happy with to include it in my work, so i opted to leave it out for this project, however i will certainly look to use it in future project if the opportuinity arises. There are a couple of textures i am especiually happy with, one being the small church window, i think that come out very well, and also the futurisitc swirling altar in my opinion looks nice and fits in well to the churches futruristic theme.

The main texture part i was working on was the outside of the church and all its surroundings, over all i was fairly pleased with the aesthetic outcome of the church, i felt it aligned well with Steve's initial concept drawings and i think it come out just as intended. One thing i am fairly unhappy with as far as texturing goes, is the grass. if i had more time, that is definitly what i would focus on. The grass is the main aethetic disappointment in my opinion. I just feel that it is overall too light and too flat.I know for a fact that if i had more time i would have added a lot more detail and areas of interest into it to give it all an over all more realisitc feel. I think the graveyard looks fairly fake, and needs a lot more detail, in terms of grassed areas and muddy areas, like i was talking about in my research stages of development.

I feel i used the texturing stage as a part of my design stage in the project which i dont think i will do in projects in the future. I think i relied too heavily on the outcome of the textures i found to influence my design ideas, rather than relying on my design ideas and then going out to find appropriate textures. I think over all far too much of my colour design work was interpreted by the textures i found, and i dindt spend nearly long enough doing colour studies beforehand. However saying this i dont think it worked to my disadvantage working this way round, as concept work is no where near my strongest area of work, and using textures and real visual influence as starting points like i did so in my textures is a good way of getting added realism rather than just designing concepts from mind and trying to find textures to match.

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