Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Compositing took place on the final day of the project, so it was pretty rushed. We didnt have time to do many effects, and i felt the most important effects to include were the transitions from one scene to another. Once i had gathered all the scenes i was able to start putting together the scenes, however the first scene was still not rendered on the first day so i preceeded without the first scene, and did the three latter scenes instead. i made sure that they floweed well, after making mistakes with the timing of the animation we had to time stretych most of the image sequences in After Effects to ensure they all flowed through at the right speed that we intended. This compositing was very much so a group thing. We all sat round one computer whilst trying to get the final scene rendered and finished on a computer nearby, whilst we composited this final scene. It was basically a matter of adding all the image sequences/exported movies/solid layers into after effects and then pacing them and adding a few simple effects which we had time for. I would have loved to have the opportunity to include more effects, like misting effects, and grading the scene too. Also there was a great opportunity to add fire into the scene for the torches, as the particle maya fires were not used in the playblast we included in the final composition. Overall i was fairly disappointed with the outcome of the project once it was composited, all that effort we had put ihnto it, and i felt somewhat like we had fallen at the last hurdel aqfter it was all looking so optimistic all week. I knew we were cutting it short to get it finished, and i knew that we would have been lucky to get it finished at all with all the problems we had run into, but i was still overwhelmed with a sense of dissappointment that i couldnt really explain. We have already decided as a group that we need to meet up after the deadliner has passed just to polish the whole thing up, re-render some scenes and finish the project to a standard we would be proud of, rather than to a standard that fulfils the assesment criteria layed out.

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